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Private In-Home Instruction

Why choose one-on-one training?

The best solution is to deal with problems where they occur.
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The initial consult includes, coming to the home to evaluate your particular issue. After going over your goals, a custom training plan is put together to reach your goals. This is a very individualized process. This also includes follow up consults online or by phone to help you with what was gone over in your session.


We can help with various behavior problems such as:

  • barking

  • pulling on leash

  • potty training

  • digging

  • chewing

  • separation anxiety

  • puppy proofing your home

  • come when called

  • door darting

  • jumping on guests and much more.

Interested in dog sports, Agility, Rally, or Flyball ? I can help with that as well.
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  • $200 - Consultation (approximately 90 minutes)

  • $150 - 1 Hour training (after consultation)

  • Start at $590 - 4 hours of instruction (Cannot combine with initial consultation. Packages are non-refundable and must be used with two months of purchase.)

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