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Frequently Asked Questions 


Class Fees  |  Group Classes  |  Certified Trainer  |  Training Methods  |  How long will it take


What are your rates? 

The first visit is approximately 90 minutes. We go over your training goals and come up with steps to get you there. $200 and in a weeks time I will send notes of our session. This cannot be combined with other offers or rates. After our first session, individual sessions are 1 hour and $150. I do offer a package of time that is discounted. 4 hours for $590.  


Do you offer group classes

I have not offered group classes since 2019. I do recommend Ventura Pet Wellness and training center in Ventura for individuals looking for that type of training. I do however offer privates for Rally, or beginning agility. 


Are you a certified trainer

I have been a professional dog trainer since 2010 and a Certified trainer since 2011. I have been certified through the Karen Pryor Academy. I also am a member of the APDT, IAABC, and the Pet Professionals guild to continue with my learning and staying abreast of current humane training. 


What are your training methods

I train with positive reinforcement. What that means is we teach your dog what we want them to learn, and manage what we do not want them to do until we have trained the behavior we want. I will use counter surfing as an example. The dog is not allowed in the kitchen alone, and depending on the space, I would block the kitchen area off so that the dog is not accidentally rewarding themselves by surfing the counter space. I would also spend time teaching the owner how to work with their dog, teaching them how to keep their feet on the ground or teaching a go to place cue. My dogs know when I am in the kitchen they go to their beds. 

I will never force your dog to do anything, the training is relationship based and you will learn to teach your dog in a way that makes sense for you both. There are two ends of the leash, my goal is to help you both learn to be successful. 


How long will the training take

This is very individual. Some dogs are very quick about picking things up, some may need more time. And certainly what we are teaching can influence the learning as well. Teaching our animals things always involves layering. For instance teaching a dog to open a fridge door takes multiple steps that on their own need to be taught separately before putting the actions together. 

And don’t forget putting in the time, it takes time to make new training habits. If your dog has practiced pulling on leash for 6 years, then it may take longer than a year to get your desired results. Does that mean you have to train every day for an hour for results? The short answer is no. But breaking down the training into small sessions several times a day will be the best way to get results. 

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