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“Wendy Signorella is the the best animal trainer that i have ever worked with”

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“Wendy taught us more about training in a few meetings than i had ever learned from past pet-store classes”

Natural Rhythm Animal Training offers in-home training and obedience classes for dogs of all ages and temperaments.

We concentrate on bringing the human-animal family in sync,

creating a harmonious household that meets the needs of all members.

We offer creative and compassionate problem solving
for humans and their animals.

Are you living out of sync?
Contact us today to discuss a training
plan that is personalized to fit your needs.



Wendy Signorella, KPA CTP is a Certified Trainer with a decade of experience making animals feel safe and happy.

Wendy grew up in a dog loving family and although her first passion was horses, once she acquired her first dog a new
passion was born.  So began her years of studying and learning and working with animals.


My Services

Private In Home

Flyball Training

Day Training

Wendy Signorella, KPA CTP​