Wendy Signorella, KPA CTP​


" Wendy Signorella is the the best animal trainer that I have ever worked with. She is a consummate professional as well as being heartfelt, incredibly knowledgeable and ever so kind with the animals. Wendy helped me train my Sheltie Bella, who I believed was past the point of no return, being an older girl (you know the saying). Just a few sessions of working with Wendy and I had taught Bella how to sit, something I literally believed was impossible. I was beyond amazed and delighted! Wendy not only taught me how to train my dog but also how to read my dog's behavior and communicate with her better. The whole feeling in the household improved and my dog became more relaxed and responsive because I was reading her cues better. Wendy is the only person that I will work with to train the next doggie I get. " 

Darcy H

"My husband and I acquired 2 Australian Cattle dog puppies this year and needed some professional help with training them! Needless to say, these 2 siblings are very reactive, mischievous and energetic but also smart and loving and require lot and lots of patience! After a disappointing experience with a dog training business located out of town, I looked for a local trainer who specialized in positive reinforcement and come to our home to teach.  We found this and more with Wendy! She has helped us to to train and manage our pups without using aggressive means or negative reinforcement. Its exciting to see your dogs, as well as you as a trainer and owner, " get it". Wendy is also a veterinary tech and has helped us to control our pup's weight as well as choose wholesome and nutritious, as well as tasty, foods and treats. We are also interested in agility training and have started to include this in our lessons as well. She has loads of patience with the dogs, as well as with us and is enthusiastic, positive and always encouraging! I am always impressed by Wendy at every lesson!"

Diane K

"They say a good dog trainer trains the humans, not the dogs-which makes Wendy an excellent dog trainer.  Slightly overwhelmed by our lively puppy "Blue" who just hated to be in her crate, but loved to teat apart socks, shoes and toys she was my patient, kind, but firm teacher on all things dog. She teaches me to look for and build on the smallest cues the dogs display, she teaches me how to break down the process into manageble steps and she teaches me patience with the dogs, but mostly with myself. So if you want well trained dogs and confident owners-contact Wendy."

Leah H

"Wendy taught us more about training in a few meeting than I had ever gleaned from past pet-store classes. She also included our children in the sessions so that we were all learning how to work together in a stressful situation. Wendy was compassionate and understanding of bothe people and pets. We will absolutely come back to Wendy the next time we integrate a new rescue dog into our home. I have confidence in Wendy's ability to help us address our training needs and build our skills with kindness and understanding."

Samantha B